Inspection Based Safety Services

VCM provides periodic Safety Inspections of commercial construction projects identifying non-compliance with OSHA regulations 1910 and 1926 specific to the job the client is performing.

Pricing is determined by:

  • Site Location and number of sites to be inspected.
  • Number of inspections to be performed each month and duration of inspections.
  • Size of site being inspected.

VCM inspectors conduct unannounced Safety Inspections, frequency determined by the client. The Safety Inspection includes:

  • A daily written report with pictures and or  scorecard tailored to the tasks and activities performed on the site at the time of inspection. Report is submitted to the client and VCM President on the day of inspection for review.


Contact Valor for Safety Inspections

If you are interested in receiving a detailed proposal for Safety Inspections by VCM please email VCM President and NREP: Certified Environmental and Safety Compliance Officer #479827 Brian Leavy. Please include the site location, number of sites to be inspected, number of monthly inspections, duration of inspections, and size of the site to be inspected.

Brian Leavy
Cell: 954 809-1506