VA Design/Build Bid/Build

VCM has been contracting work from the Veterans’ Administration for over 10 years. The VA market requires many different aspects of construction within the Healthcare facilities in Florida and Puerto Rico. These contracts are secured through either Design/Build or Bid/Build procurement models.

In the Design/Build procurement model, a defined scope of work is provided by the VA, the contractor is responsible for developing project design, and construction cost. This is a two phase proposal where the owner selects ​the “best value” to the government based on a standard of selection factors including, team experience, past project performance, project schedule, quality control, the technical proposal, and pricing. The technical proposal details the contractor’s plans for performing the specific project’s scope of work. A pricing proposal is submitted separately.

The Bid/Build procurement model requires the contractor to submit a proposal based on a completed design criteria. The contractor must submit past performance and the technical approach in one document. Pricing is submitted in a separate document. The VA reviews both proposals independently to determine the “lowest priced technically acceptable” proposal to the Government.

VCM’s ability to secure and manage the services required for both Design/Build​ and ​Bid/Build VA projects has contributed to their leadership in this market. By bringing together the right team members, VCM ensures the work is completed above standard, ahead of schedule, and under budget.

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