Solar Project: Puerto Rico
VA Caribbean Healthcare Facility
San Juan, PR

Project Description:

Installation of a Solar Photovoltaic System by the VCM team at the VA’s Caribbean Healthcare Facility in San Juan, PR was performed as a Design/Build Project.  The VCM team was solely responsible for determining the techniques, means, methods, and materials of installation to meet the requirements of this contract

The VA Caribbean Healthcare Facility required a solar power system that would produce electricity and could be integrated into existing electrical distribution. This system helped minimize electrical costs, convert savings into purchasing power, and reduce the facility’s carbon footprint.

The Statement of Work required:

  • The complete design and installation of a fully functioning Solar Photovoltaic System
  • An assessment of the proposed roof areas to be utilized, provide construction details and plans to ensure suitability for the proposed installation.
  • Identify the array plan view of shadow zones, inverter/transformers locations, and wire routing.  

VCM provided the VA a complete turn-key, commissioned and warranted system that included:

  • Generates 732.84 DC KW and 638 AC KW.
  • Production of 1,237,615 KWh yearly.
  • Monitoring system and Data Acquisition System (DAS) that displays data 24/7 on the solar PV system
    • Generates monthly reports detailing solar irradiance, DC power, AC real power, AC current, AC voltage, AC power factor, ambient air temperature, PV cell temperature, and AC energy during varying monitor periods.
  • Transfer switches installed to make PV power accessible to the site electrical distribution infrastructure. 
  • Project included phased electrical shutdowns for new solar power system to be interconnected to the VA facility electric distribution system.