FPL Fuel Farm

Florida Power & Light
Palm Beach County, FL

Project Description

This project was set up as an Engineering, Procurement & Construct (EPC) contract to Florida Power & Light (FPL) with Black & Veatch acting as the owner’s representative. Black & Veatch provided preliminary engineering support, technical assistance, review of submittals and additional engineering support for the project.  

The scope of work required VCM to visit the site and evaluate the existing systems, and provide updated new equipment that meet FPL’s required levels of service. This involved installation of new electrical wiring and equipment while keeping the existing operations working.  

Work performed included:

  • Removing and replacing the 2400 volt switchgear and wiring from the switchgear to the 2400 volt pumps
  • Removing and replacing the existing 480 volt MCCs while retaining the same physical arrangement
  • MCC “A”, “B”, “C” and “E” were removed and replaced with new MCCs
  • Removing and replacing the existing emergency diesel generator
  • Removing and replacing the existing 2400/480 volt transformer located adjacent to the emergency generator
  • Removing and replacing existing 480 volt switchgear in the old EDG room
  • Controls for switchgear and MCC shall utilize current control system.  
  • Developing a plan to verify the control circuits were operating correctly
  • Providing temporary power feed as needed to maintain operation of the facility

All work met FPL, Black & Veatch and project specifications and was completed within the scheduled timeline.