Arc Flash 5 – Building # 7

VA Healthcare Facility
Veterans’ Administration
Miami, FL

Project Description

SDV Electric and VCM evaluated and addressed the facility’s electrical rooms and closets for NEC and NFPA compliance in Building # 7 of the Miami VA Healthcare Facility in Miami, FL.  Once the evaluation was completed, the contractor was responsible for correcting all arc flash deficiencies found and recording the work performed into an “as built” records report.

The project includes the replacement of all existing electrical switchgear, panelboards and all electrical equipment required to comply with the latest Arc Flash Calculations.  It brings the entire Building # 7 into full Arc Flash and Electrical Short Circuit and Coordination Standards.  

Work currently being performed includes:

  • Demolition of selected electrical equipment
  • Providing temporary electrical service during the demolition phase to maintain Building # 7  operations
  • Furnishing and installing new electrical equipment including switchgear, panelboards, dry type transformers and busducts
  • New electrical equipment weights, dimensions and heat loads  are considered as part of the new electrical floor layouts
  • Developing “as built” electrical drawings in Auto Cad on CD and ANSI B (24”x 36”) sheets
  • Including device settings of circuit breaker tables as per recommended settings included in Arc Flash 5 Report.  Device settings shall be balanced  to optimize for system protection, reliability and arc flash exposure levels.

Work is currently underway and ahead of schedule.