Upgrade Electrical Rooms
VA Healthcare Facility
Veterans’ Administration
Miami, FL

Project Description

Upgrade all deficiencies found in the electrical rooms throughout the VA’s Health care Facility in Miami, FL.

After completing a survey of the rooms, we began to upgrade all units to code. We worked with an electrical engineering firm to provide plans and designs addressing all deficiencies. SDV Electric is currently providing construction services as per 100% construction documents.

Work being performed includes:

  • Identifying Panel Loads and creating an outage plan for shutdown procedures
  • Providing temporary electrical service to critical areas during temporary shutdowns
  • Providing 2 week advanced notice to the COR and Hospital prior to all electrical shutdowns
  • Repairs began on non-critical items while waiting for shutdowns. These include pre-fabrication of materials, conduit supports, missing covers, drip pans, and replacing doors per project specifications, etc.  This reduces downtime and minimizes the impact to the facility.
  • Once the approved shutdown begins SDV will:
    • Document the existing breakers in an “as found” position
    • De-energize Panel feed, lock and tag out per NFPQ 70E Guidelines
    • Remove existing panel and conductors
    • Install new panels and conductors
    • Re-energize the panels and test for proper voltage function and balance
    • Proper PPE shall be worn at all times

Work is currently underway and ahead of schedule.