Full-Time Safety Officers

VCM provides full time site Safety Offers for commercial and government construction projects enforcing OSHA regulations 1910 and 1926 for commercial sites, and EM 385 1-1 for government sites.

VCM has EM-385 1-1 certified Site Safety Health Officers (SSHO) for government sites and contracted safety professionals as part of our team to handle any safety related situation.

Benefits of using VCM Full Time Safety Officers:

  • All Safety Officers work for the client, report to the client, and enforce the client’s safety program.
  • VCM Safety Officers submit a daily written report of site activities to the client and VCM president for review.
  • VCM Safety Officers have a network of safety professionals that can assist them if needed at no extra cost to the client.
  • There are no additional costs associated with this employee. All VCM Safety Officers utilize their own vehicles, pay for their own gas, and carry required insurance for the job site.
  • No other hiring paperwork, incentives or perks are provided by the client.
  • VCM handles all pay to the Safety Officer. Client receives a contract specified scheduled invoice from VCM.

Pricing is determined by:

  • Site location
  • Size of site
  • Duration of project

Contact Valor for Full Time Safety Officers

If you are interested in receiving a detailed proposal for a full time Safety Officer from VCM please email VCM President and NREP: Certified Environmental and Safety Compliance
Officer #479827 Brian Leavy. Please include the site location, size of site, and duration of project.

Brian Leavy
Cell: 954 809-1506