Life Safety Project

Miami VA Healthcare Facility
Miami, FL

Project Description

Valor Construction Management, LLC (VCM) deftly negotiated work in the hallways of the (3) busiest buildings of the Miami VA Hospital to survey and update entryways to NFPA code without impacting the facilities’ day to day operations.

This project included work in all parts of the Miami VA facility.

  • Performed a survey of the project and photographed all of the openings in rated walls
  • Designed and built entryway assemblies with the 3m Products Engineering Department to cover unique applications that were not previously documented in the Life Safety CodeⓇ or NFPA Guidelines.
  • Completed wall and ceiling repairs to correct all deficiencies identified in initial survey.  

The VCM team completed a post survey listing all repairs, the type of rated assembly repair, and photos of each location. By setting up an online database for the Miami VA to use for Joint Commission inspections, we were able to incorporate new tasks into the project as it evolved.  

The Life Safety Project involved working above the ceilings to ensure crucial fire safety codes and specifications were met. Soft and or hard containment walls were temporarily installed for infection control in the busiest hallways, offices, labs and examination rooms during the repairs.

By adapting to the construction needs and and space availability of the Miami VA, we completed the Life Safety Project without impacting the day to day operations of the Hospital and finished the project ahead of schedule. The tasks were completed in a professional manner, with the highest safety compliance in accordance with their IRCA Safety Plans.