AHU #4

Design/Build Replacement of AHU #4
Miami VA Healthcare Facility
Miami, FL
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Project Description

The Air Handling Unit #4 (AHU #4) project required the complete removal and replacement of the existing Air Handling Unit on the 13th floor of Building # 1 at the Miami VA Healthcare Facility in Miami, FL. VCM teamed with subcontractors for design engineering, HVAC, ductwork installation and project controls.

Once design was completed and accepted by the VA, the VCM Team:

  • Performed air flow volume testing to establish total CFM (cubic feet per minute)
  • Installed a temporary air handling unit on the roof of the 13th floor of the building.
  • The existing AHU was shut down, and dismantled for removal
  • The new AHU was labeled and dismantled to fit through the same opening.
  • The sections were then lifted via 350 ton crane to the 13th floor.
  • The AHU sections were reconnected to “rebuild” the AHU.
  • Chilled water lines and new ductwork were connected
  • The new AHU was tested and put into service.
  • Air flow volume testing was performed again to confirm new air handling unit CFM was equal to or greater than old system

Project Details

The temporary unit maintained the proper temperature and air flows to C & D Isolation wards on the 12th floor while a longterm solution was set in motion.

VCM was responsible for moving the temporary air unit, weighing 13,000 lb, requiring a 200 foot lift from a 350 ton crane. With the electrical service installed, chilled water lines and temporary ductwork in place, the temporary AHU was put in service.

The 350 ton crane was set up a second time to remove the old dismantled AHU section through an existing 8’ x 6’ fresh air louver opening.  These pieces were placed on waiting trucks for disposal and recycling. The new AHU sections were then lifted up to the 13th floor through the louver opening.

Once testing was completed, the temporary AHU was shut down and final ductwork connections were made to the new AHU unit.

The work was completed during normal and premium hours and involved an extensive

scheduling and team effort with the VA facilities construction, maintenance and supervision team. The design was completed in 8 weeks and construction was completed in 4 weeks including final commissioning. VCM received excellent ratings from the VA performance evaluation in performance and quality for this project.